POEA License No.: POEA-045-LB-110613-R
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 Archway International & Marketing Services, Inc. was officially registered with the Philippine SEC on October 25, 2006 and began its operations in the January 2007 and since then has deployed close to a thousand skilled, non-skilled and professional workers to the Middle East countries, especially to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Its key mission is two-pronged: To provide our dedicated and hardworking countrymen decent job opportunities abroad, helping them achieve their lifelong dream of prosperity on the one hand, while providing fully-qualified workmen and professionals to clients of high ethical and moral standards, helping them in turn achieve their business goals on the other.

        Our agency draws its strength from a group of young and dynamic associates and staff, leveraging its more than 10 years of solid experience in the field of local contractual manpower-providing services in the Philippines through its mother company, Archway Multi-Services Corporation.  Lately, the company has entered into a strategic alliance with Access International Recruitment Solutions PTE LTD of Singapore in its effort to expand its global reach to the more sophisticated labor market of 1st-world countries while efforts to penetrate the North-American labor markets (Canada & USA) are in the works.

        In just a liitle over three years in the business, Archway International has already given hundreds of deserving Filipinos stable overseas employment as domestic helpers, nurses, doctors, laboratory technicians, accountants and office personnel, food service workers, programmer and computer engineers, construction people, teachers, carpenters, masons, and maintenance personnel. They are our living testimonies to Archway’s competence and dependability.  We stand proud by our clean record of Zero-complaint and Zero-citation/sanction from POEA. 


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